Takab beautiful city

Iran has a beautiful and spectacular area that attracts everyone. Meanwhile, Takab (تکاب), a small town in the northwest of Iran (located south of West Azarbaijan Province), has beautiful landscapes, and has rich and unique mines in the country and even the world, and the ancient monuments of Takht-e Suleiman have world-wide reputation.

Mosque of Takab city

Jameh Mosque of the city has an entrance balcony with rounded columns and boulders with slabs in the lower part of the walls of stone and lime mortar + sand + clay and on the section of the cobblestone brick walls with rectangular bricks with lime mortar + sand + Clay and central dome with elegant earrings and neatly arranged with quadrangle brick and mortar plaster, and in the quadrangles of the mosque two-story cubicles for the reduction of materials in the corners of the four corners and the southern and western sides of the mosque units commercially decorated A radius of one hundred meters with arbours and wooden coverings are made.

Solomon Prison

This nesting mountain (also known as the Dave Prison - زندان دیو) is located 3 kilometers west of the ancient Takht-e-Soleyman complex. The height of this cone mountain is from the adjacent land surface of between 97 and 107 meters, and over the Dead End of Dehdah about 80 It is seen that the diameter of the crater is approximately 65 meters.
Around the crown of the cone, the remains of the remains of the first millennium BC, which have been excavated by archeology.

Bridge saroux

Age: Ilkhani, the old bridge of Sarouk - Takab suburb This historic bridge, which in the centuries has been a link between Takab and the northwest, has been damaged especially during the rapid floods, and only a small amount of its crater remained. Assistance to the Ministry of Roads and Transportation and the various organizations' credits in the years of 74 and 75 was carried out by the province's cultural heritage, along with the revival of the destroyed basins, towards the complete rehabilitation of the three.